The Jzoog Jewish Dating App is the best way to meet amazing Jewish singles.

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Jewish Dating was never this effective.


No more wasted time

If you’ve chosen to use a Jewish Dating App you obviously are looking to meet someone Jewish. Otherwise, there are plenty of other apps you could use. So you don’t want to waste your time viewing people that are clearly not Jewish. We don’t want to waste your time either, so we constantly review all profiles to screen out those who obviously shouldn’t be using a Jewish dating app.


Down with Fakes

We try our best to spot fake profiles and delete them. But we don’t always succeed. So we’ve added a red flag in every profile detail screen which you can click to report anything you think might be unkosher about the profile you’re viewing. We’ll review it and take the appropriate action.

All You Want from a Jewish Dating App.


Swipe Left, Right or Contact

Swipe Left

Swipe left or click on the X to pass and view your next match.

Swipe Right

Swipe right or click on the heart to add the person to your Wishlist. If you’re on their Wishlist too, you get a match notification and can contact each other for free.

Send a Message

If you’d like to send a message without playing the swipe game, just click on the envelope. This premium feature that costs 2 tokens. Buy tokens inApp or on the website.

Replying is Free

Reading and replying to messages is always free. Tokens are only required for initiating contact with someone who hasn’t Wishlisted you.

More Awesome Features

Jzoog Jewish Dating App has the features you've come to expect plus new ones to help you find your perfect Jewish match.


Add #hashtags to your profile to indicate interests or affiliations, and search for others using #hashtags.

Age Block

Block people over a specific age from viewing your profile.

Manage Wishlist

View and manage your Wishlist to keep track of who’s on the list. Delete or contact from your Wishlist screen.

Synced with Website

Switch off between the Jzoog app or website. They’re always synced.